About Me/Resume

I am a freelance game artist and motion designer based here in Pittsburgh. I run my own game consulting studio, Jelly Bean Soup Games. I work with game publishers and studios in making their games AWESOME!



Kind Words from cool people:


Michael Coe, CEO of Gamelyn Games (Tiny Epic Series)Ben is passionate and prompt. His design decisions are smart and his graphics are cutting edge. I would work with him again and would highly recommend him to others.


Eduardo Baraf, CEO of Pencil First Games (Herbaceous, Heroes & Tricks)- Ben is Fantastic! A game development project of mine needed a significant amount of graphic design support and I brought Ben on based almost entirely on the glowing recommendations of others. He exceeded those recommendations. He is talented, organized, high-energy, and creative. I expect I’ll be asking Ben for his time on many future projects. Hire this guy.


Allison Litchfield Graphic Designer at Mayday Games, MenteeBen is an extremely skilled graphic designer. I’ve had the opportunity to work with him at Mayday Games. Ben brings a lot to the table – new ideas, positive energy, and quick turn around time. His talent shows in everything he works on and he’s always willing to teach others his skills. Hope I can continue to work and learn with Ben.

Ian Zang, STEM Professional Development Coordinator at Carnegie Science Center (Xtronaut)I’ve worked with Ben on several projects, and I can not recommend him enough. There are days where I believe he can clone himself with the amount of content he can push out in a day. It’s not just quick, it’s quality. Simply looking at his portfolio is enough to see that he is an accomplished graphic designer, and knows board games better than most. His love of games shines through his work, and you can’t help but love his outgoing personality. Hire this man.

Megan Pritts, SEO at JP Enterprises- Ben was always looking for inspiration and pushing himself to get more work done in less time so that he could have the perfect project. It didn’t stop with the deadline though. He continued to work on the project long after it was due to create a winning portfolio piece. He worked hard to learn new skills that weren’t taught in class, and he was very generous in teaching others what he had learned. Ben was a great classmate and is still a great friend and motivator.


Sarah Kramer, Co-worker at TiER1Ben is a very passionate creative. He brings enthusiasm to new challenges, and nearly always has a smile on his face. He is always willing to meet in person or jump on the phone to talk through ideas or revisions. This makes him a great team player. His humor and good nature are contagious. I’m inspired by the personal work he does on gaming as well. It has been a pleasure to watch those ideas hatch and grow.


Leah Hanley, Co-worker at TiER1- Few Instructional Designers have the opportunity to produce exceptional results with an in-house Creative team — but I did when I worked with Ben. I had the pleasure of working hand-in-hand with Ben to develop meaningful graphics that demonstrate communications and learning objectives. Ben’s ability to juggle multiple clients effortlessly made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. Ben would be an asset to any Creative effort. Thank you, Ben!


Matt Ciocca, Co-worker at TiER1- Ben is always looking for ways to make our performance solutions visually engaging and interesting. As a Web Developer, I work closely with Ben, and he is such a joy to work with! As far as Graphic Designers go, his creativity is emphasized into his work, which aids in delivering the best possible solution!