Graphic Design/Creative Direction

“Heroes of Land, Air & Sea” by Gamelyn Games

“Xtronaut” by Xtronaut Enterprises
“Tiny Epic Quest” by Gamelyn Games

“Dungeon Heroes” by Gamelyn Games
“Tiny Epic Galaxies” by Gamelyn Games

“Heroes & Tricks” by Pencil First Games

“Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms” by Gamelyn Games

“AssassinCon” by Mayday Games

“60 Seconds to Save the World” by AEG
“Herbaceous” by Pencil First Games
“Twist of Fate” by Mayday Games

“Garbage Day” by Mayday Games

“Torchlight Tango” from GGJ2016

Escape Room PGH

“Dead Man’s Draw” by Mayday Games

“Dungeon Busters” by Mayday Games

“Alien Labyrinth” by Foam Brain Games

“House of Borgia” by Talon Strikes Studios

“Vici” by Game Salute